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Pharmacist the necessity of health care system

The word Pharmacy is derived from old French ‘Farmacie’-substance. Ancient Greek has given credence for foundation of pharmacy as a profession.

Press Freedom in the 21st Century

Powerful governments often use media to spread certain content in order to strengthen their hold on the country.

How IT sector can enhance employment outcomes in KP

Work is underway on several important projects in KP, including free Wi-Fi facility in public places and the process of making the province paperless

“Hegemonic Masculinity”

Any man that tries to exemplify manliness must show aggressive and violent behavior while restraining the progression of his vulnerable feelings

KP innovation fellowship develop applications for govt departments

The KP Govt Fellowship Program, is a an annual six-month mentored fellowship program where teams of coders and designers work with local government departments to help them improve service delivery

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Tanda Dam: An emerging tourist spot in Kohat

Tanda Dam is situated in east of Kohat at the distance of 10 km, also known as View Park. The Dam was completed in 2017 with cost of Rs 68.4 billion, which irrigates 3200-acre land of Jarm, Shah-Pur and many other villages