BUNER: In a corner of the historic mosque of Pir Baba in district Buner, a room is dedicated for 72 years old Anwar Baig Baghi who has authored 52 books despite having Primary education.

Baghi attracts every newcomer to his 10 by 10 bookstore where he preens books laying on the floor for sale some of which he has authored. He has been writing books since teenage although he could only complete his primary school and then left for Karachi to earn bread and butter for his family.

In spare time he used to write down his mind and then tore it apart, perhaps it was the time when he was exploring his inner self, a writer was in the making.

Today after decades, Baghi is a known writer in a limited circle but still unknown to the outer world. He has written dozens of books both in Urdu and English language. Those who know him say, Baig’s pen never stops, as whenever he found himself alone, he starts writing, that’s why he has filled many notebooks with his ink, waiting to be shaped in a book.

“So far I have written and published around 52 books, mostly based on history and poetry,” said Baghi “majority of these books are published in Pashto, while three books are in the Urdu language.”

Though Baghi himself admits that his proficiency in speaking Urdu is not good, however, he said that in written form no one ever raised finger on his writing.

For him, compared to other genres, history is one of the most difficult things to write on. “It takes years to write a single book on history. A writer needs to consult relevant books and people on the subject,” he said adding that the quality of history book depends on how many authentic books are studied for the research of the topic.

That is perhaps why that his book on the history of Buner took him almost ten years to complete, while, another book on the history of Swat state took two years.

“It is very important for people to be aware of their history, tribe and clan,” Says Baghi “I have dedicated my life to books writing. Today if someone one knows Baghi that is because of these books.”

Like the majority of writers in the country, writing and compiling a book has never bothered him, it is publishing of the book and finding a good publisher or financer for it which haunts him.  That was the reason which compelled him to make fundraising from the local community to publish his first book titled “Say Meem”.

The locals put Rs10 and Rs20 in the fundraiser to pay for the publishing cost and now Baghi is the author of 52 books for which he is grateful to the people and well-wishers who made the publication of the books possible.

Baghi has kept the meaning of the title of his first book “Say Meem” secret to attract the readers and let them take their own meaning of it. “At that time I kept the meaning secret to entice readers and let them think about it,” he said.  Say Meem was followed by Da wrak manzal latoon “In Search of Lost Destiny”.

He claims his poetry is based on factual issues, real-life incidents and stories which he encounters. He claims to have sold over 12000 copies of his books and the copies have reached to various parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Germany and many other countries.

People from across the world who reads his books often visit the mosque to see him and pay homage.

Baghi has lost copies of most of his books and they are no more available. “People insist for the book even I don’t have the extra copies of it. They take away the last copies of the books and no many of my books are now rare, and I am in search to locate it, but not successful so far.”   

Baghi is now 72 years of age, though high in spirit but physically weak, but his determination for work is as young as it was five decades ago. “Writing and publishing books are the sole purposes of my life, though I am weak now, but I will write till the soul left my body”.



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