QUETTA: Haji Abdul Hadi has collected a large number of cultural goods at his home-made museum at Hazarganji area of Quetta. Under the open sky many old cultural goods, artefacts related to Balochistan have been kept at Gidan – means ‘Hut’ in Balochi language.

The artefacts of this unique museum reflect the glorious past and culture of Pakistans’ largest province. Ancient weapons, ornaments, beans, and dozens of countries coins are the attention of people coming remains constant.

Mr Hadi, who is a scholar and runs a seminary, said that he has faced numerous difficulties in collecting the cultural artefacts. However, he has undergone all the hard work with the aim to make the new generation aware of the culture and lifestyle of their ancestors.

Hadi says he is fond of collecting Baluchistan’s cultural artefacts in order to promote the indigenous culture. “First, I had no sufficient place to manage a museum,” Hadi told The Pakistan Enquirer. “Fortunately, I got a piece of land beside my home, where I made a small garden and museum with the aim to promote my culture.”

He added that he has brought a number of expensive artefacts and tried to never miss an objet d’art which have importance in our culture and have historical importance. He has collected these cultural relics however; some of his friends have also contributed some culture products to his self-made museum. Some of the relics at his museum can be traced back to the era of late Chakar Khan Baloch, which he claims were used by Chakar in his life.

Abdul Hadi lamented that People of Balochistan are unaware of their culture while artefacts are vanishing away due to the lake of proper museums in Balochistan. The only functional museum of Pakistan’s largest province is situated in Quetta city.

Though there are also museums in other cities of the province they are not only deprived of proper staff but also there are no artefacts available on the display.

Mr Hadi uses social media to make the people aware of his museum by posting videos about the importance of cultural artefacts. The museum receives many visitors from different parts of the country. “This is a very safe museum, I feel satisfaction here.  We find here a hundred years’ old crafts, which we cannot be found in any government-run museums,” Ahmed Naeem, a visitor to the museum told The Pakistan Enquirer.

During the militancy in Balochistan, hundreds of people have lost their lives. In one such terrorist attack has killed his only son in Mustung, when a suicide bomb blast targeting conveys of Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri, former Deputy Chairman Senate, on 12 May 2017. Haji Abdul Hadi was also injured in the same blast.

Mr Hadi is determined to continue collecting cultural goods to preserve his culture and to stop the history from vanishing. His mission, he is not hopeful for any help from the government or concerned authorities in Balochistan as the government authorities give no importance to the archaeologically rich province.


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