Climate crises: Coal Miners who is ‘Heating up’ the Earth

Climate crises: Coal Miners ‘Heating up’ the Earth

In Pakistan coal mine constitutes 6.7% of the primary energy supplies sources, while total coal resource of the country is estimated to be 186 billion tonnes.
KP Industries fail to implement Environmental Management Plan as directed by Supreme Court

KP Industries fail to implement Environmental Management Plan directed by Supreme Court

The EPA report revealed that not even a single industrial unit has fulfilled the criteria devised by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
The Kalash Tribe in Chitral celebrates this festival for centuries

Ancient culture: Kalash spring festival ends in Chitral

Kalashi people thanked god Goshidai as they believe it protects their herds during spring and summer seasons.

Second-hand clothes sale booms amid inflation

In Pakistan second-hand clothes markets thrive as consumers feel the pinch of rising cost of goods due to hike in petrol rates..

Peshawar celebrates arrival of spring in peaceful atmosphere

Unlike past, this year, Spring season has brought a lot of happiness for the people of the city, who fully enjoy its charms in a colourful atmosphere.