Every tribal family to get Sehat Card: Ajmal Wazir

Every tribal family to get Sehat card: Ajmal Wazir

Through this card every tribal family would be able to get medical facilities worth Rs 0.72 million.
PTI to take action against candidates who violated the election manifesto

KP CM invites independent MPAs-elect to join PTI

The Chief Minister assured that representation to tribal belt in KP cabinet will be given as per the law and constitution of the country.
Dengue killed 113 in KP during the last six years while 33822 people were affected.

Dengue killed 113 in KP, affected 33822 people during the last 6 years

In Swat, a total of 9037 have affected in which 36 have expired in the hospital. While In Peshawar District during 2013, 177 were affected in which four persons succumbed to the illness.
Govt to resolve Teachers Upgradation issue in KP: Zia Ullah Bangash

‘Govt to resolve teachers upgradation issue in KP’

Despite resolution from KP Assembly and ruling from Peshawar High Court in favor of teachers promotion, the government is still unable to implement it, said Akram Khan Durrani
Death toll from Quetta mines collapse tragedy rises to 9

Death toll from Quetta mines collapse tragedy rises to 9

DG PDMA Imran Zarkoon said that all the victims belong to the Maidan Wardag province of Afghanistan.
38 % of the enrolled students in Tribal Districts reported absent from schools

38% enrolled students in tribal districts remain absent from schools: IMU report

In term of basic facilities, 51% of schools lack water facility, 55 % lacks electricity, 30 % lacks toilets, while 18 % lacks boundary walls.

“Sudan Uprising”

Does the flag of Sudan represent the color blue or is blue the color of unity? It’s clearly none of them, it was to respect the memory of one of the people in victims: Mohamed Mattar, whose most loved color was apparently blue. The 26-year-old was shot down during the crackdown on June, 3.
6 dead, including 5 children, as avalanches hit house in Kalam

6 dead, including 5 children, as avalanches hit house in Kalam

The district administration officials informed that there is fear of more such incidents, therefore, families have been directed to vacate the area for safer locations.

PTI workers accuse Qaudri of supporting independent candidate

The PTI candidate for PK-105 Shahid Shinwari and district Khyber vice president Shah Hussein Afridi has urged the government to take action against Qaudri and dispel him from the party.
12 prisoners in KP suffering from HIV

12 prisoners in KP suffering from HIV

To control the spread of contagious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, the Prison Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to screen all of the new prisoners.

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