Father allegedly kills transgender son in Nowshera

Nowshera Police arrests father in transgender murder

The police registered FIR against unknown assailants and arrested the transgender father Aurangzeb in the case.

Shahab Uddin Khan challenges arrest of his son in Peshawar High Court

Jalaluddin Khan has been sentenced at Haripur jail for one month under the 3 MPO.
Every tribal family to get Sehat Card: Ajmal Wazir

Every tribal family to get Sehat card: Ajmal Wazir

Through this card every tribal family would be able to get medical facilities worth Rs 0.72 million.
Asad Ullah Haroon

13 Years of Torture: An ‘Innocent’ Afghan in Guantanamo Bay

"I have always wanted Al Qaeda out of our country, so we can deliver peace for my daughter, and for the children of everyone else."
KP govt recovers 3456 million tax during 2018-19: DG Excise

KP govt recovers Rs 3.4 b tax during 2018-19: DG Excise

DG Excise added that major chunk of tax was urban immovable property tax where 1285 million has been recovered against the set target of 1100 million.
Durand line

Durand line agreement: still a bad memory for many Afghans

PESHAWAR: The Durand line agreement was signed more than a century ago by the ruler of Afghanistan...

“Sudan Uprising”

Does the flag of Sudan represent the color blue or is blue the color of unity? It’s clearly none of them, it was to respect the memory of one of the people in victims: Mohamed Mattar, whose most loved color was apparently blue. The 26-year-old was shot down during the crackdown on June, 3.

Pharmacist the necessity of health care system

The word Pharmacy is derived from old French ‘Farmacie’-substance. Ancient Greek has given credence for foundation of pharmacy as a profession.

Peshawar celebrates arrival of spring in peaceful atmosphere

Unlike past, this year, Spring season has brought a lot of happiness for the people of the city, who fully enjoy its charms in a colourful atmosphere.

Peshawar’s first suspected Coronavirus patient admitted to Lady Reading Hospital

The patient has also been screened at Doha Airport but no confirmed evidence of the coronavirus were found.