United Nation Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) signed an agreement with Pakistan to counter the locust swarms as Pakistan has declared urgent emergency to protect crops from migratory insects.

Currently, Pakistan is suffering from a devastating desert insects attack which had entered to Iran from Africa and then to Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab, and Southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkwa damaging our crops, causing farmers to suffer. According to a preliminary assessment conducted by the agriculture departments of Sindh and Balochistan, about 80,000 hectares of crop have been damaged besides serious damages to grazing and forest lands.

FAO director general Qu Dongyu signed the ‘Technical Cooperation Programme’ with Minister for National Food Security and Research Khusro Bakhtiar on Saturday, under which FAO will make available $700,000 to Pakistan for the desert locust emergency measures.

To prevent the locust, it required immediate measures at the national level, but not only the farmers were not supported but they were not informed how to deal with the locust. The agreement is a welcome move from the UN agency FAO, full advantage should be taken and all the facilities provided by FAO must be made available to farmers so that they can be helped to control locusts swarms.

Addressing a news conference, Mr Dongyu said that the locust situation in Pakistan is so far under control, but “we have to work as quickly as possible”. He added In Pakistan several swarm groups are in limited areas, and “if we can cure, we can prevent a bigger disaster.”


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