United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says development goals in Pakistan are threatened by climate change. He was addressing an event on climate change In Islamabad.

“Like all developing countries, Pakistan has contributed little to the problem yet faces disproportionate vulnerability because of it. In the past decade, Pakistan has lost some 10,000 lives to climate-related disasters, including 1,200 due to a terrible heatwave in Karachi in 2015,” said the UN chief. He warned that development targets in Pakistan are facing threats from climate change and reiterated that the common vision is to deal with climate change and to sustain sustainable development.

The Secretary General said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech on the occasion of the UN conference on climate change was effective. He welcomed the campaign of the Billion Tree Tsunami and ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’.

UN chief said that no country is safe from the effects of climate change, yet global efforts are still insufficient to achieve goals, we are not on track in dealing with climate change, we are facing emergency situation in climate change. He expressed solidarity with the people affected by various disasters in Pakistan.

The UN Secretary-General said that Pakistan is striving for the goals of sustainable development because achieving sustainable development goals is important for all countries and nations, efforts and work will have to be accelerated for development goals.

He said that eliminating poverty is a fundamental part of Pakistan’s policy, it is important for education, economy and equitable development. He said that there was a historic agreement between Pakistan and India regarding water distribution, water should not be used as weapons and peace should be guaranteed. Effective dialogue with India could solve the problem of water distribution.

Secretary General of Pakistan-based Afghan Refugees said that the Pakistani people have hosted millions of Afghan refugees. It should be noted that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is on a three-day visit to Pakistan, during which he will address the Prime Minister and meet with the Prime Minister.


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