Air pollution costs Europe US$ 190 billion a year in diseases, new report

European countries are losing 190 billion US dollar a year to long-term and temporary health problems due to air pollution. This was revealed by an environmental group and social organization CE Delft Alliance in a study published on Wednesday.

After looking at data from 400 European cities, the group said in the report that air pollution in Europe is causing harm to the lives and property of citizens. The report says that every citizen of Europe loses 1,250 euros a year due to air pollution caused by fuel burns, which is about four per cent of their income.

During the study, researchers analyzed data from a dozen hospitals in cities affected by air pollution, then estimated the social damage to urban populations from factories and vehicle fumes. Although air pollution is also linked to agriculture and industries, but the use of cars is closely linked to the social damage, researchers say.

According to the report, air pollution is also causing health problems and reducing air pollution in urban areas is essential for the well-being of Europeans. According to the report, the highest social damage due to air pollution has occurred in the city of London, England, where the citizens suffered a loss of 11.38 billion euros annually. Rome’s capital Bucharest is second with a loss of 6.35 billion euros and Germany’s capital Berlin is third with a loss of 5.24 billion euros.

It may be recalled that in July this year, the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) had released annual data stating that the average life expectancy of a person has decreased by two years due to air pollution.¬†According to AFP, a quarter of the world’s population lives in South Asia, with Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan being the countries most affected by air pollution. According to AQLI, the proportion of pollutants in these Asian countries has increased by 44% over the past 20 years and the average life expectancy in these countries could decrease by 5%.


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