The federal capital’s air quality on
Wednesday was recorded unhealthy due to increased vehicular emissionsand irresponsible construction goingon the Faisal Avenue. The residents were advised towear pollution masks to avoid harm-ful impact of air pollution as air qual-ity was unhealthy due to gusty andrainy weather with rising vehicular emissions.

According to Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) daily air quality report, the hazardous pollutant ratio of particulate matterof 2.5 microns (PM 2.5) was recorded beyond safer limits.

The pollution level comprising particulate matter of 2.5 microns (PM2.5) was above the permissible ratio of 35 micrograms per cubic meter (mg/mł) and was recorded 53.46 mg/mł, higher in the federal capital.World Health Organization(WHO) in it’s reports of 2015claimed air pollution to cause hugenumber of premature deaths.

PM 2.5 had been found hazardous pollutant which could penetrate into human blood through lungs cells.The report mentioned that the 24 hours average concentrations of Nitrogan dioxide (NO2) and Sulphurdioxide (SO2) were noticed below the permissible limits of National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) whereas concentration of PM2.5 was within safe limit of NEQS.The daily ambient air quality re-port of the federal capital by Pak-istan-EPA, the 24 hours average ratio of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Sulphur dioxide (SO2) were 25.08 micrograms per cubic meter (mg/ml) and 27.15 mg/mł respectively against the respective National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) of 80mg/mł and 120mg/mł.

The data was recorded by cali-brated air quality monitors fixed at particular positions with proper readings. However, concentrations of PM2.5 during the day and evening times were recorded slightly high whereas the overall ambient air quality of the federal capital was not healthier today.

Any other data from any source presenting ambient air quality ofIslamabad was neither verified nor approved by the PAK-EPA, the re-port said.Earlier, an EPA official told APPthat dust count was higher due to construction at the Faisal Avenue which was monitored through its on-line air quality system.She went on to mention that theEPA team had also visited the sitewhere the contractor was found violating the pledges he made underthe EIA submitted to the Agency.

“The contractor is bound to takemeasures to control dust during construction at the site. EPA has also issued warning to the contractor inthis regard,” she added.


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