ANP candidate asked to restrict movement to safe gatherings only


PESHAWAR: The District Police Officer (DPO) Khyber has issued security advisory to the Awami National Party (ANP) woman candidate for PK-106 Naheed Afridi directing her to inform the police at least one day prior of her political events.

Naheed was also asked to restrict her movement only to important or safe gatherings and at unpredictable timings and routes. The ANP candidate was assured by the police that security guards and police protection will be provided as per rules and Election Commission Code of Conduct 2019.

“As you know that emerging threat perception in the district has necessitated an urgent revision of security protocols to ensure a safe and peaceful election,” said the security advisory issued by the DPO. “District Police Khyber is taking all measures to ensure safety and security of candidates, venues, rallies, processions and all activities related to July 20 polls.”

In light of the above, said the advisory, your cooperation is needed to help District Police, Khyber to ensure not only your own safety but the safety of the general public at large by following proper security measures.

Naheed Afridi was directed to provide an Advance intimation of your programs to local Police Station at least One Day prior to any event. The police said that three Days prior intimation as per ECP Election Code of Conduct is also must.

It was added that holding of such gatherings is our joint responsibility. Moreover, local party activists know all the participants; therefore, it is extremely important that at least 8-10 local volunteers of your party may be deputed for body search and to ensure that no unauthorized /unwanted persons get access. The policemen deployed will oversee this and will ensure the overall security of the processions/premises.

Naheed Afridi is the first candidate to contest the election on a general seat on the party ticket in tribal districts. A candidate of the Awami National Party (ANP), Naheed will contest the July 20 polls on the KP assembly constituency, PK-106, Jamrud of the district Khyber.


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