One of the strangest festivals in the world is the annual dog food festival in China. But this time, dog eaters face stiff competition from volunteer organizations working for animal rights.

The ten-day festival of killing dogs and eating their meat begun on Monday . Organizations campaigning for the protection of animals have protested and termed it “inhumane and barbaric.”

Animal rights activists claim they have saved the lives of thousands of dogs brought for slaughter at this week’s Evelyn Dog fighting Festival.

Remember that ‘Yulin’ is a city in China where a dog eating competition is held every year. More and more people are participating in this festival. That is why thousands of dogs are killed during the festival here every year.

The International Organization for Human Rights said in a statement that it had seized a container full of dogs being taken to a slaughterhouse in the city of Yulin. Hussey, a human rights and animal rights activist, said the truck loaded with dogs was brought from the southern city of Kanso. The truck was caught at Kwangshu after traveling 1948 km. “Pet dogs kept in people’s homes were brought in after being stolen,” he has said. Dogs were exhausted due to hunger, thirst and confinement, out of which thirty dogs had died earlier.

Witnesses say the truck driver tried to escape by showing fake documents, but police have taken him into custody.
Eyewitnesses say the truck driver could not provide any justification for buying such a large number of dog.

Festival continues despite ban

Despite protests from human rights and animal rights groups, the ‘Evelyn’ festival continues, with hundreds of dogs being slaughtered so far. There is talk of banning this infamous festival as it is also a means of buying and selling illegal dog meat.

In this festival, dogs are slaughtered in public and their meat is cooked and eaten. Locals celebrate it as a summer change festival. Last year, Chinese authorities imposed a strict ban on the sale of dog meat, but the dog-eating festival continues despite the ban. Local officials also say that since it is a traditional festival, it is not appropriate to fight it.


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