MARDAN: Civil society activists and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police have launched campaign across the province – including Mardan – in order to create awareness about the consequences of aerial firing.

People from different walks of life and KP police officials have arranged walks and are using social media asking the people to avoid aerial firing. The activists were holding placards inscribed with awareness slogans.

Aerial firing is not a new phenomenon, it was present in every era in Pakistan. It is very disappointing that most of the people committing this crime do not even think about the lives of innocent people as every single bullet fired from a gun has to come back to ground and can take a precious life.

The tradition of aerial firing is present almost all over Pakistan. According to different media reports, in the past, besides injuring pedestrians, many children and housewives have been killed because of such an unacceptable activity.

Sunny Ullah, one of the participants of walk against aerial firing and member of Fixit Mardan said, “It is our duty to cooperate with local police to stop people from such a crime because it is a very common crime which needs to be stopped.” He added that instead of aerial firing one should distribute sweets and alms among the poor segments of society.

According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan report, 81 people have been killed due to aerial firing in 2013 in Karachi only and almost the same numbers of cases took place in KP every year and a number of such cases go unreported.

Shafiq 25, one of the victims of aerial firing who has lost his ability to walk said, “I was in class 9th when a stray bullet hit me in my back and since that day I have never stood up on my own legs, it has ruined my life and dreams.” He asked the masses to avoid aerial crime because it can destroy someone’s life.

A police officer Imran Ali while commenting on the issue said, “Crime is a crime if it is of every kind, but the aerial firing is a sort of crime which is against the whole society so people should stop it and should think for the joys and sorrows of others.”
Mostly aerial firing is prohibited under section 144 of CrPC. people violating section 144 are dealt with under section 188 of PPC which suggests an imprisonment term of six months or a fine of Rs1, 000.


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