In the hustle of being a steadfast generation, we are leaving something behind. A legacy, a golden period and a classical era of music; the soothing rhythm. 

Not blaming it onto the generations who almost killed the music but to the listeners who have no good taste. Our artists maybe producing masterpieces but what about the gold we already had? Are we really in a position to give up the art that soothes soul and gives peace? I guess not. 

Legends like, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, Noor Jehan, Iqbal Bano, Atta Ulla Esa Khelvi, Abida Parveen and many more. The voices they had and the lyrics they produced had poetry rather than noise. Thus, they are always been a kind of ASMR, sleeping pills and peace builders.  

Peace comes in different forms. To me, music is one of them. An episode of peace which lasts longer and leaves an impact on you. One of the kinds of peace this generation lacks is the peace of mind and heart but I believe music can bring back these. A few sparks of music and the restlessness disappear. 

A very famous scholar named, Taimur Rahman is a well-known musician, academic and social political activist from Pakistan. He is a band leader for the political music band called, LAAL. He is a fan of Marxist philosophy and believe that the conditions could get better only if we follow the idea of Marxism that promotes revolution. One of the best things about Rahman’s songs is that He utilizes Laal to advocates causes which he holds dear, such as, communism, the predicament of labor and the suffering Pakistanis/Kashmiris have endured because of religious fundamentalism and tyrant rules. This makes his songs meaningful and a purpose to produce. 

Taimur Rahman performing revolutionary songs during an event at Ehsas Foubdation

There are hardly any musicians that are producing music like Taimur Rahman, his music taste maybe unlike all of us but it has a purpose to serve. It is a voice inside of him that He wants everyone to hear and He did it. His concerts as well as academic lectures are listened to all over the globe. That is the power of Music. 

Being a part of this generation, I have always witnessed people giving priorities to punk, rock, pop, rap and aggressive music and then complaining about their mental illness. I am not stating that that aggressive music is the reason of their mental illness but I am for sure stating that such kind of music is adding more to their illness rather than reducing it because music works as either a medicine or a bacterium.  

Taking music to health levels, it is scientifically proven that old style music is a powerful method to lighten pressure and quiet an individual down. Tuning in to calm and quiet music that entrances you relaxingly affects the body and brain. Studies have also found that listening to classical music can be a valuable tool in treating depression. 

Thus, music not only relaxes minds, it cures you as well. I believe that listening to old style music can help a person improve their literature life with the enrichment of incredible poetry that the old-style music produce, it’s Definity the time to update or playlist and work on ourselves. Goodluck. 


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