UN chief António Guterres has called for an immediate ceasefire in different parts of the globe to so that the world can focus on tackling the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

He expressed these views during the virtual conference. “At present, our world is facing a common rival in the form of a virus that does not care about nationality, race, faction or belief and is very aggressive,” the head of the World Organization said.

According to Antonio, women, children, people with disabilities, refugees and IDPs face the greatest risk during the conflict and now the same people may suffer more due to diseases.

He added that the health system in war-torn countries has been destroyed and healthcare workers who were already scarce have also been targeted.

The UN chief appealed to rival parties in different parts of the world to stop offensive operations and let the world to focus on the elimination of contagiou virus.

Guterres said the war must be stopped to save lives so as to create valuable opportunities to shine a candle of hope in areas that could be at risk from the Coronavirus.

Guterres said they are working to encourage new contacts between waring m groups to bring them towards peace and but still needed to be done.

It should be noted that the United Nations is active in many countries of the world, including Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen to stop fighting and mediate between the warring parties for a durable peace.

The UN head said that the UN Special Representative will work with the opposition parties to ensure that the ceasefire appeal is implemented. But if the battle goes on, the spread of the Coronavirus can be devastating in this case.


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