Dengue killed 113 in KP, affected 33822 people during the last 6 years

Dengue killed 113 in KP during the last six years while 33822 people were affected.

PESHAWAR: During the last six years, a total of 33822 persons were affected due to dengue fever out of which 113 persons have lost lives, said the officials obtained available for The Pakistan Enquirer.

In the year of 2013, A total of 56 persons were affected in Abbottabad in which 01 died in the hospital. In Buner districts, 26 were affected in which one person have lost life to dengue illness. During the same year, A total of 474 were affected by the dengue fever in Malakand division in which one affected have died.

In Swat, a total of 9037 have affected in which 36 have expired in the hospital. While In Peshawar District during 2013, 177 were affected in which four persons succumbed to the illness.

In 2015, a total of 2285 persons affected due to the dengue illness however no loss of life was reported.  In 2016, a total of 998 were affected however, no loss of life was reported due to the dengue illness from anywhere in the province. While in 2017 a total of 2422 persons were affected due to the dengue illness only in Peshawar district in which 70 deaths were reported.

While in 2018 a total of 740 cases of dengue illness were reported from across the province however, fortunately, no loss of life from anywhere was reported.

The provincial health department is running a special project to counter dengue, malaria and Leishmaniasis in the province. The total fund of the project is Rs 442.177 million in which Rs 359.817 million has already been released and so for 113.326 has been spent, said the official documents. Under the program, the government officials purchase medicines and vaccines for all the three disease and provide it to all districts.


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