PESHAWAR: Happy with caring and nurturing the green foliage creature in his nursery, Hastam Khan is no more a journalist, but a horticulture and landscaping expert, saying good-by to journalism due to pitiable economic situation in Pakistani media.

Hastam Khan has completed his master from Peshawar University in Mass Communication and later due to lack of any opportunity in the media industry, he joined the field of horticulture and plant landscaping, where he is not only doing his own business of plant sapling but has also engaged others poor people who has been working with him in this nursery for the last many years.

“I was aware of poor service structure of media outlets in my country and I witnessed several of my colleagues who were terminated in middle of his career leaving no option with them but to visit foreign countries for hard labor”  34 year old Hastam Khan remarked while setting in his roadside green world.

He said that his father was also doing this business and he spent respectable life in this nursery and now after his father illness he joined this field to make his future bright. He went on to say that one should not disappoint from his career and anyone who works hard with dedication will never failed in any field.

“After master in journalism I took admission in one year floriculture and landscaping diploma and learned the basics of nursery and plants. This diploma help me a lot to educate others regarding plant disease and its possible remedies and look after” he informed.

Hastam Khan also visited Australia in agriculture sector Linkage program (ASLP) where he was awarded a certificate in nursery management. He also visited Thailand in the same program and received certificate in nursery and landscape management.

 During his day time business, he is receiving a lot of guests from various parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Peshawar and guiding people regarding nourishment of plant and flowers. Those who taking interest in plants are visiting his nursery to purchase plants of different varieties and planting it in home gardens.

 Hastam Khan not only has engaged himself, but there are four workers who are busy in the gardening of this nursery to support their families. One of his Gardner Wajid Khan told this scribe that they are happy with Hastam Khan for his humor mode and they are spending good time beside supporting their families while working in this nursery.

He said that this is our second home and they consider these plants like their own children. Whenever a plant goes waste, they feel discontent. We are trying their level best to provide suitable upbringing to these saplings but some time they lost plants due to change of weather and lack of adequate facilities.

Owing to recent crisis in media industry most of the journalist went jobless except those who had joined timely business soon after completing education. Hastam Khan advising people that there are a lot of opportunities for hard worker and one can earn a good name in every field, if one works with commitment and dedication.

Unfortunately a lot of people want to join nursery business like Hastam Khan but they lacks financial resources to start a business, if government support them through interest free loans then it will be easy for anyone to start a nursery business to support their families.

 It is to mentioned here that the roadside nurseries make the city green and clean, it would not only stop encroachments but will control the waste dumps, would prove cost-effective for the city government and save money which it spent on planting and maintaining greenery.

 Moreover, it provides some fresh air for the polluted city and would generate an economic activity with some healthy source of income. These nurseries adding to the city beatification without any cost for government which needs promotion and free land from government side to boost this business.


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