PESHAWAR: Rambil Kebab of Taru Jabba might resemble with Peshawar’s Jalil Kebab in look but difference starts at the travelling you do to get there and ends when you take your first bite sitting on a traditional Cot in open air watching the speedy vehicles passing on the GT Road.

So if you live in Peshawar or visiting it and you think about where to go on weekend for tasting something good then Rambil Kebab is a good option for drive and enjoying tasty food. At first, glance, when you watch the number of food lovers around the Kebab Karai of the cook you would think if the food is served for free.

Chapli Kebab being one of the few favourite dishes of Pashtuns is the speciality of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Scores of Kebab hotels have been opened in almost every road of the city as the law and order situation of the province has improved.

Rambil Kebab House is decades old Chapli Kebab hotel located at Taru Jabba on G.T Road just about 30 minutes drive from Peshawar city.

The yard holds over a dozen Cots under a shad but if you visit in the evening you won’t need the shade. Since the place is not that clean but one has to compromise on cleanliness of the Cots and the roughly built tables for the taste of the Chapli Kabab.

They claim that a special recipe is behind the superior taste of the Chapli Kebab that makes it unbeaten in the province. They don’t share the recipe but they say that good Kebab with crunchy taste needs chopped meat not grinded meat through electric meat grinders.

You may also get a home delivery if you can grab the contact of the delivery boys who are University graduates but running the business of Kebab delivery in Taru.


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