Lack of education root cause of human sufferings in tribal districts; speakers


Bajaur : Speakers at a conference urged the students to get education at any cost as the lack of education was the root cause of human sufferings in the newly merged areas. Education is the only way out if we want to put the war-hit area back on the track to progress and prosperity.

This was stated by the speakers at a seminar organized by Bajaur Students Organization (BSO) at the Government degree college Mamoond, Bajaur. The seminar titled’ fears and expectations of youth in the newly merged areas’ discussed at length the issues and challenges faced by the students in the newly merged areas.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anwar Zeb Khan, member provincial assembly said students are the backbones of a nation. These young emerging leaders are our precious assets. Counting on his government achievements on education front, Mr. Anwar Zeb said doubling students quota in medical and engineering colleges, provision of scholarships to the students, government’s rozgar schemes, Kamyab jawan were some of the steps taken by the PTI government towards this end.

President, PTI for Newly merged areas Dr. Khalil Rehman said healthy sports activities create a healthy competitive environment for the young emerging youth to grow in. This trend, on one-hand produce healthy brains and on the other save the youth and especially young zealots from falling into the hands of the spoilers. There was a huge talent on the ground and the area offers a good environment for sports activities but the lack of infrastructure and funds would hardly allow the sporting environment to flourish. Sports could be the best possible soft tool for curbing the menace of terrorism, Dr. Khalil added. Besides its educational value, these recreational activities helps create a healthy atmosphere that can help promote the culture of tolerance and mutual understanding.

Some of the speakers however recommended gainful employment for the frustrated youth. Senior leader of Awami National Party Maulana Khanzeb Khan said there were a lot of potentials in the area that could provide employment opportunities to the people and specially youth to save them from being exploited by the spoilers. Mining and agriculture and tourism were some of the potential areas in this regards. He identified Serisar top, Ghakh-e-Pass, Gabar Cheena, Chinaran and Badesay in tehsil Mamoond as some of the potential areas as tourist attractions.

Taking the discussion Further, JI Amir for the NMAs Qari Abdu Majid asked the government to open up the trade routes – the Kaga pass, Nawa Pass, Kaga Pass and Leite Pass to raise the volume of Pak- Afghan trade and generate business opportunities in the war-hit area. He also urged the government to hold early elections to the Local government. This, he said, would not only resolve people’s problems at their doorsteps but also help put an end to the years long sense of frustrations and deprivations developed by them over the years.

Earlier, in his opening remarks Dr Ashraf Ali said local culture and traditions have a deep-rooted inbuilt mechanism to cope with the menace of terrorism and violent extremism. He recommended enhanced recreational opportunities may lessen the mental stress of the youth and provide them better opportunities to the youth to groom with confidence. To that end, the government should strengthen different local cultural festivities and try to revive the fading traditions for social cohesion and mutual co-existence.


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