‘Civil servants should adhere to principles of fairplay, transparency and rule of law’ says CS KP

KP Chief Secretary distributing certificates among the participants of the course

The world is changing fast and we have to manage these changes through application of the skills and techniques that you learnt during the course. If you are unable to translate the gains of the training in your service to the general public, then I believe this whole effort will be wasted. These views were expressed by Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhw Dr. Kazim Niaz on the occasion of graduation ceremony of 28th Mid Career Management Course at National Institute of Management, Peshawar.

He said that since civil servants are at the fore front in public service delivery, there is a dire need of having a well trained human resource which, in turn, will play crucial role in the socio-economic development of the people. He said that the policy makers understand the importance and need of training of the bureaucracy, hence there is renewed focus on the capacity building of the public servants. He urged the course participants to follow the advice of the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and remain above politics and political affiliations. He further stated that for a progressive country and a forward looking nation, the civil servants will have to adhere to the principles of fairplay, transparency, meritocracy and the rule of law. In the end, he congratulated the participants on successful completion of the course.

The Director General, NIM, Peshawar Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan on the occasion highlighted the aims and objectives of the course and said that this batch of 44 officers represents a nice mix of various government departments and services groups representing almost all the regions of Pakistan.She further stated that Mid Career Management Course is a mandatory course for BS-18 officers for promotion to the next grades. She said that the course has six modules which focus on skills development, evidence based decision making, IT skills and behavior changes. She said that during the course, the officers underwent various case studies, analysis papers, simulation exercises on agriculture and industrial development in KP, lecture discussions, panel discussions, tutorial discussions, workshops, local field visits of various government departments and inland study tours to Chitral and Faisal Abad. She said that civil servants are the servants of the people and they should serve the people with honesty and a sense of accountability to the people and God.

At the end, the Chief Secretary distributed certificates among the participants of the course.


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