More than 100 peacocks ‘mysteriously’ die in Pakistan’s Thar

In 2018, over 600 peacocks have died because of drought in the district,

Boy holds an ailing peacock in a Tharparkar village. ─ Photo: Dawn

A ‘mysterious’ disease has killed over 100 peacocks while dozens have fallen ill in Pakistan’s Thar district.

According to the details, not only human beings but also wildlife are suffering from the backwardness and diseases of Tharparkar district and the peacocks that spread beauty in the desert are once again dying.

The Sindh wildlife department could not diagnose the disease despite the passage of one week. The officials said lack of proper nutrition is a major cause behind peacocks’ deaths. Sources said that more than 100 peacocks have died in more than 10 villages of Mithi, Islamkot and Diplo Tehsils of Tharparkar in a week and more than 2 dozen peacocks are suffering from the disease.

The Sindh Poultry Department said peacocks are suffering from ‘queen farm’ disease. The officials said it is wild birds that cannot be caught for vaccination. “They will die if we try to catch them for vaccination,” the officials said. He said that they are being given multivitamins and antibiotics to protect the birds from diseases. In 2018, over 600 peacocks have died because of drought in the district.


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