Qatar to open visa center in Peshawar


Qatar Consul General Mashal Muhammad Ali Al-Ansari has said that after Karachi and Islamabad, visa centers are being set up in Peshawar and Lahore so that Pakistanis, especially skilled and least skilled working class, will have access to visa facilities.

Addressing the meeting on the sidelines of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he said that there are 1.5 million Pakistanis living in Qatar.

Pakistan is exporting fruits, vegetables, fish, rice, minerals, steel and cement to Qatar and in the region. Qatar is a rapidly growing partner.

“Qatar has opened its doors to partnerships from all over the world, we have simplified the restrictions and regulations for entrepreneurs wishing to do business.”

The Qatari Consul General said 90% of Qatari imports from Saudi Arabia and UAE were suspended due to a ban imposed two years ago, after which they made Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India other partners, as well as different sectors.

He said that Qatar has changed a lot over the past two years, and it self-sufficient now and are not relying on anyone in the fields of dairy, poultry, farming. “our farm production is about one Thousands have grown and all important vegetables are now being cultivated in Qatar even before the ban. In comparison, our fish farms have also increased threefold.”


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