PESHAWAR: Second-hand, used, pre-owned, Kabarr – the sector has many names. It is in high demand that’s why in every corner of the city, there is specific bazaar which deals in used stuff, especially garments and footwear, and attracts a high number of visitors.

One of such used garments market, in a narrow street in Board Bazaar on Jamrud road, where business runs all day long, in this market one can find, second-hand clothing’s ranges from gents, ladies to kids. Most of the male customers in the market are young students from colleges and universities looking for clothing of their match.

Second-hand clothes sale booms amid inflation

Shahid Ali, a student at Peshawar University is busy looking for jeans pants in one of the shops. He often randomly visits the market on weekends with friends. “When you’ve meagre pocket money to make ends meet, their left few options on the card,” said Ali, adding “such markets are blessing for people, who cannot afford to visit branded shops.”
Ali considers, buying of branded stuff a waste of money, saying, if one has dressing sense, there is a lot of good stuff for them in the second-hand clothing market, which otherwise even not available in local markets.

Ali said that in general second-hand clothing do not enjoy a good reputation among people, however, despite all this now people even from humble background visits these market. Besides men, almost a number of women customers can also be seen looking for clothing’s in the market, looking from shop to shop for their best selection.

According to a report compiled by Oxfam – an organization working for the eradication of poverty, globally the amount of second-hand clothing trade is more than one billion dollars, which creates jobs in various areas like trading, repairing, distributing, recycling, and washing clothes.

second-hand clothes imported from western countries

In Pakistan used stuff markets are also thriving as consumers feel the pinch of the rising cost of goods and services due to hike in petrol rates and devaluation of Pakistani rupee. After which companies are forced to raise the prices making it difficult for buyers to shop new clothes.

men and women visit the market alike to shop second-hand clothing’s

Bakhtwar Khan, a shopkeeper in the congested market says men and women visit the market alike, for both we have verities of second-hand clothes imported from western countries. To Khan, they buy this clothing’s in bulks either as a whole in a container or in accordance with their weight. He added that these bulks of clothing’s cost them from 20000 to 50000 depends on the weight of the package, the quality of the stuffing rest on their lucks


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