PESHAWAR: Leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) and former member National assembly Shahabuddin Khan has challenged the arrest of his son in the Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Friday.

The Deputy Commissioner Bajaur has arrested his son Jalaluddin under section 3 of Maintenance of Peace Order (MPO) with the allegation that he has have interfered in government matters and restrained the officials to enter the area hospital where a Khuli Kacheri was arranged by the administration.

The DC has accused Shahab Uddins’ family of not allowing the government to provide basic facilities of life at the doorstep for tribal people, who have been ignored for generations. Jalal Uddin has been sentenced at the Haripur central jail for one month.

The petition has been filed through senior lawyer Abdul Latif Afridi. In the petition, he said that Shahab Uddin has spearheaded the movement for the merger of tribal areas with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He added that it was the bureaucracy who opposed the full merger. In such situation, accusing the petitioner that Shahab Uddin family is not allowing the government officials to work for the welfare of tribal people is illogical and irrelevant. “The bureaucracy is punishing him for his support for merger and struggle for the rights of tribal people,” the attorney said.

Abdul Latif added that the order of DC is not based on any cogent and reliable evidence. The allegations are directed to malign and defame the family of the petitioner. Latif Afridi said that the 3 MPO is the remnant of dictatorship that was introduced during the General Ayub Khan regime in a bid to curb political activities and harass political opponents, which obviously a violation of basic human rights.

Therefore, the Lawyer has requested the court to set aside the order of the deputy commissioner and released Jalal Uddin who has been locked in the Haripur jail for a month.

“We believe in the rule of law. We won’t make deals or let “afham o tafheem” offers come in the way of giving the people of the merged districts a hope that they can now challenge the tyranny of the bureaucrats in former FATA,” said Nizamuddin Khan, elder brother of Jalal Uddin on twitter.


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