Stage set for tribal districts election


PESHAWAR: Stage is all set for elections on 16 seats of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly from the he newly managed districts scheduled to be held on July 20. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has already finalized all the groundwork for the contest and started training for election staff.

According to the statistics of ECP, 2.8 million electorates will use their right to vote in the coming election, out of which total registered male voters are 1.67 million (60%). There are 1.13 million registered female voters in all the seven tribal districts.

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“From last three years the ECP remain active in tribal areas to increase the turnout of female electorate,” Spokesperson of the ECP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Suhail Ahmed told The Pakistan Enquirer, adding that “Interestingly, in previous elections, the turnout of female voters in few tribal districts is recorded much better than some of the settled districts.”

To Ahmed, the ECP has issued instructions to the district election commissioners in merged districts to arrange a session with the media, candidates and tribal elders in terms of women participation in the election. He said that the related stakeholders will be asked to sensitize the community to encourage women polling on election’s day. The spokesperson said that 280 candidates will contest, including two women candidates on general seats from district Kurram and Khyber.

For the upcoming election, ECP has established 1038 polling stations in the merged districts, in which 55 % of the polling station will be combined, similarly, the ratio of male polling station will be 25 %. According to ECP, 20 % of the polling stations will be solely dedicated to female voters.

Suhail Ahmed said that except printing of the ballot papers, the ECP has completed all of its preparation for the election. He added that for a smooth election process, the training of the presiding officers and other staff has already begun from July 1st, which will be concluded on July 14th.

Sohail said that the ECP has served notices in tribal districts in violation of rules and also took notice of the Chief Minister Mehmood Khan ceremony of Sehat Insaf Card in the merged district. Similarly, a notice was served to the district health officer of one district on the same issue.


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