‘Terrorists on the rise again in Bajaur’


Terrorists and militants are starting to rise again in Bajaur tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Despite the fencing on the Pak-Afghan border, incidents of targeted killings, extortions and assassinations are on the rise,” says Member KP assembly Siraj uddin while addressing a Jirga in Bajaur.

He informed that threatening phone calls are being issued every day to members of business community and tribal leaders. “if the government cannot improve the law and order situation, people of Bajaur will protect themselves,” warned the MPA.

District Amir Moulana Waheed Gul and others also addressed an emergency press conference in Bajaur on peace and security.

Sirajuddin said that for the past three to four months in Bajaur, Levies Force personnel, political leaders and tribal elders have been targeted in Bajaur.  But till now no killer has been arrested.He further said that in Bajaur, there are calls for businessmen and ordinary tribal leaders to pay extortion every day, which has forced the people of Bajaur to leave the area and migrate, threatening to kill them if they do not pay extortion. “But the district administration and the government are constantly neglecting all this unrest.  Which is the worst failure of the administration and government,” alleged the MPA.

He maintained that in most Bajaur departments, corruption is rampant. ”we strongly condemns it. And calls on the authorities to take notice of it otherwise we will be forced to take action against them.”

He said that anyone in Bajaur demanding a commission or bribe for work should be referred the responsible party members of Jamaat-e-Islam Fazl.

Two days ago, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) leader and former election candidate Mufti Sultan Mohammad, were injured in a murderous attack. He was shifted to Khar Hospital and later to CMH Peshawar for treatment however he could not survived.


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