“Women in existential crises”



A term everyone knows on the outside

But is still unaware of what it holds inside. 

A term that tends to fight for its rights, 

but always defeated by a system that serves partial rights. 

A term that a patriarchal world dominates… 

And a term that helplessly gets dominated by them. 

All of it contributes and still falls short of words to describe a single term; Women. 

As dejected as it is to say but women always have to bear the brunt of relentless pain, hard work, struggle, grief, sacrifices and what not. It’s the story from the past that led women to be what others wanted her and not what she ought or deserved to be.  

She is an emerging star who alongside men can topple the old system of unbearable world to an extinction and lay ground for the dawn of a new world order which would promote equality and peace for all because when there is a will, there is a way but who is willing to give away his freedom for the freedom of another person, or who is here to jail his own dominating assets for the liberty of someone else’s right.

Rights in today’s world…, is simply constructed as a tenet that you own by birth but is snatched from you by dark powers. So, think; how in this unjust world a woman or even a man can claim their rights? Even, though many women now come forward holding placards that justify their rights and roles but their efforts are tactically quashed by much stronger gender roles. 

The society that refuses to render women their deserved position still has some leftovers who gives her the place she deserves. From having her to have an independent life to making her an example among women but this doesn’t end here. Her problems can be concealed but they can’t be finished.

The problems of forced and early marriages, polygamy, honour killing, partial equality, rapes, forced chores, less qualification, sexual harassment, and innumerable other gender biases. These only end with a revolution in minds, a change in perspectives and a spin over of “one-dimensionality”.

A change in perspective can bring about so many of those striving and living on the edge, live a better and prosperous life. Their [women] life is a mystery and home to stories of their struggles and survival which they don’t want to share because fear surrounds them as a threat and sacrifices have become their to-do since long. 

Even after so many freedom marches to eradicate the gender biases and violence, there is still a large chunk of the women population who fear their equality, those who are afraid to be matched with a gender they have been ruled by, subdued to, for centuries.

Their sufferings have been referred to men, withdrawing their license from the basic authorities they wished to own and exposing them to a threat. The stories of women from the past to now are no less than the stories of warriors, some of them return with smiles on their faces and blood on their bodies and some of them never really return. We call them martyrs, ones who died fighting for their rights and left behind a legacy for other women to carry. 

The bad thing is that this world is made out to be for men but the worst part is that women let them have it. The society has never been really fair to what they call women – but they never realized that their positive role could have been an end to the enslavement of women, a period to their exploitation and dawn for a population of quality citizens who don’t fear equality.

The difficulty lies in the realization. Once you realize what you have to give others, becomes the day when you release yourself free from your own trapped realm. You free yourself from the ego and barbarism that forces you to use your power in a way to harm others and snatch from them what is theirs.

So, one has to realize what rights a woman in this society beholds and what role she plays. She is of equal importance; she demands to be heard and not rely on sympathetic funds. 

Today, when we talk about how empowered a woman has become, we don’t directly have to jump to “Women as an empowered creature” but we also have to mention thousands of those killed in the name of honour, many raped in the name of lust and many of those who have caged from pursuing their independence. Their stories made us what we are today. They are not just mere stories but they are the stories that are written with bleeding pens yet they give life to others like them.  

Women are not what she used to be in the past, still holding exception for the ones who struggle to survive in rural areas. Today, she is much stronger, independent and empowered. Women today are the face of success and threshold to desired society and she must be valued, period. 


  1. Very well explained !! Something that really illustrates what resides inside of being a woman irrespective of daughter, mother or sister BUT of being a true life giver , illuminator and an educated initialiser of well disciplined family. YES! a woman not only forwards an educated woman but a wise, respect giving and behaved man too, who actually knows what a female gender should get in this cruel world.


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