Arrest deaths and diseases via custodians of drugs “The Pharmacists”

"Pharmacists have responded positively to health service changes and to developments in drug treatment," Asad Khan.

Arrest deaths and diseases via custodians of drugs “The Pharmacists”

(A special write up dedicated to pharmacists of hunger strike camp here in Quetta)

QUETTA: In an era where a multitude of deadlocks make the lives of very few parallels with renowned “Maslow’s theory” life is not more than an ugly assignment to be accomplished through thick and thin on the cost of blood and sweat. It’s not that we are lacking essential ingredients of life but deranging these resources and policies, thus giving birth to a miserable livelihood. As its aftermath, individuals from every walk of life are demanding their basic rights in terms of health, education, employment, peace more and more despite the fact that the geopolitical position of this country was never meant to make life that brutal for its inhabitants.

Health, foremost attention seeking chapter of life is least respected due to inattentive behaviour of our governing bodies. Demanding a sustained healthy status is not an easy task; a healthcare team helps you out to achieve optimum long-lasting health. An ideal healthcare team is the triad of Physician, pharmacist and a nurse where they provide optimum patient care and make derailed life back on track. Missing of any of these experts will pose huge threats to lives and capitals exaggerating the poor quality of life and halting the progress of a country.

Here in Quetta, Baluchistan it is their fifth day of hunger strike camp where thousands of pharmacists are demanding their due rights from the government of Baluchistan not solely for earning capital via jobs but for making this city a better place to live. So forth scores of political, educational, Religious and tribal icons have visited this camp assuring them in assisting the achievement of their demands but all in vain.

Why to hire pharmacists? Is always the first thing coming to the brains of policy makers.

Pharmacists have responded positively to health service changes and to developments in drug treatment. They make a substantial contribution to the overall quality of health care by ensuring that the prescriber’s intentions are translated into the safe, effective, and economic use of medicines which can be found through dozens of research papers on internet.

The famous WHO seven star pharmacist phenomena can too be an ideal answer to it where a pharmacist serves as Leader, Caregiver, Decision maker, Communicator, Teacher, Lifelong learner and a Manager.

A report by England’s NHS (National Health Service) stated that £5.0bn of the £55.6bn spent annually by NHS acute hospitals could be saved by reducing unwarranted variation across the workforce, hospital pharmacy services and medicines optimization, estates management and procurement. Hiring pharmacists can help this state out to reduce the burden of capital which can be utilized elsewhere.

The importance of pharmacists can be sorted out from the works of some well-known names in this profession  where I would like to quote the brilliant contribution of Dr Mohammed Azmi Hssali, Dr.Fahad Saleem  and coworkers claiming that pharmacy is an important healthcare profession that provides medicines and advises the patients and health care providers on the selection, dosages, interactions and side effects of medications Nowadays, pharmacists are also actively involved promoting health to the public and healthcare professionals on drugs-related events.

Exceptional work of Dr Nafees Ahmed et al, a renowned pharmacist from Balochistan University has contributed to WHO Tuberculosis Treatment Guidelines titled as “Treatment correlates of successful outcomes in pulmonary multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: an individual patient data meta-analysis” to simplify this fact, physicians around the globe will be following pharmacists designed treatment guidelines to shape prescriptions.

Loads of such examples are present where pharmacists are leading physicians in terms of medication use and reducing the cost of therapy improving treatment outcomes. If the government of Baluchistan desires to go with the flow with rest of the planet in healthcare providence, it must fill the vacant posts of the pharmacists in this province so that mortalities and morbidities due to medication use can be alleviated and quality of life elevated. These professionals can prove themselves to be a prime part of the healthcare system. By earning the title of Drug Information Banks, pharmacists are the souls being expert enough to use this double-edged sword called PILL. In their absence, it may cause the community more harm than relief.


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