PESHAWAR: Another political battlefield is imminent after the arrest of former President Asif Ali Zardari, Muttahida Qaumi Movement founder Altaf Hussain and leader of opposition in Punjab assembly Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.

Before Ramadan, almost all the opposition parties has warned the PTI government of massive protests against inflation. The Awami National Party (ANP) has already staged rallies in all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the call of its Chief, Asfandyar Wali Khan, condemning the government of the current economic woes and a massive increase in the prices of essential commodities.

On the other hand, the second largest party in the parliament, the  Pakistan Muslim League (N) leadership is also set to decide the future course of action in the current political situation while third largest party Pakistan people’s party is already on roads.

Other opposition parties like Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Islam -Fazal (JUI-F), Jumat-e-Islami and Qaumi Watan party had also announced their agitation plan against the policies of PTI government. However, in this new situation, it will be a big challenge for both government and opposition parties to win over the hearts of the masses.

 Political experts, who have kept a close eye on the current situation, argue that the situation can created form problem for the ruling party as one hand, the government has to tackle inflation which is rising day by day and another hand the blame of bad governance teasing them well.

 According to fact and figures, current govt has no practical plan to overcome these issue except further raising of taxes, in the last nine months Pakistani rupee has devalued against the US Dollar,  a result now in the open market the value of one US dollar is equal to  157 PKR. That is why every food item has become out of the reach of masses.  The govt is calming that the situation is in control and things will stabilize in a year or two, for achieving that goal masses and govt employees should give some more sacrifices said the prime minister.

 In the budget, the federal government has increased salaries of employees from one to sixteen grades. While opposition parties rejected the federal budget of Rs 7022 billion with RS 1.12 trillion additional taxes for the year 2019-20.

Opposition leaders believe, as result of that budget, the prices of vegetable ghee, sugar, beverages, cigarettes, dry milk, cement, automobile, electricity, CNG, and groceries will a see a further increase and touch the highest rate in the country’s history.

That dilemma becomes very ruthless after the arrest of Zardari as ex-premier Nawaz Sharif is already incarcerated in corruption charges for the last several months.  The opposition is blaming the government for using the national accountability bureau for political victimization.

The opposition also blames the government for the arrest of opposition leader right on the time of the budget session to divert the masses attention from the failed economic system of the country and bad governance in the entire period of PTI led government. All those parties are now planning to come out on roads for the public demands but still no combine strategy being shown by them the upcoming all parties conference will clear their program.

According to PTI led govt charges against ex-president Asif Ali Zardari and ex-prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, ex-chief minister Punjab Shebaz Sharif and their families were made by NAB during previous government, on 11 June 12, 2019, prime minister Imran Khan also expresses during his budget speech that he has never made any single case against the opposition leader in his government but he will pursue every case tell the last breath of his life to recover national wealth form the corrupt politicians.

Imran Khan in one of his speech has said that that govt ready for one on one clash with the entire opposition parties in the ongoing hot summer. On the other hand, Pakistan people’s party and Awami national party starts their token demonstrations and preparing their street power show. The PMLN in touch With both religious and Pashtun nationalist parties – Jamiat al ulama e Islam- Fazal (JUI-F), ANP, Jumat- e- Islami and Qaumi Watan party – to convince them for an effective all parties moment.

So, it can be predicted that the ground is all set for another massive political clash in the country. The federal government is already in pressure due to economic issues and ever-rising prices of essential commodities. The question is how the opposition parties could use this situation to bring out the public on the roads?


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