‘Mr Prime Minister Select’


In his very first speech Pakistan People’s Party’s Bilawal Bhutto coined the phrase “PM selected” for Imran Khan during the first assembly session. Initially, it was taken lightly by Imran’s quarters but now it has become a headache for the party.

So finally, the deputy speaker has to ban the word “PM selected” inside parliament as he believes it is an insult to the entire house. However, whether selected or elected, Imran is now the country’s premier with dozens of failed promises.

During the months-long sit-in in D Chowk, Imran Khan and his Party workers had paralyzed the system. It was blamed that some powerful individuals were backing his agenda against the weak Pakistani democracy. From his container, every evening, he would use to challenge the writ of the state, he would call the past rulers thieves for allegedly looting the country. In response, he received the titles of ‘stooge’ and ‘puppet’ that still follow him in the parliament in the form of ‘PM selected’.

During that sit-in Mr Khan has promised, if he came into power, he will use a cycle for his travel from home to Prime Minister House. It didn’t happen. He promised that he will convert the lavish PM house into university. Despite the fact, that the building is located in a very sensitive area and not easily accessible to the common man. So this promise also couldn’t materialize into reality.

A few years back, I accompanied Imran Khan Caravan towards South Waziristan in protest against drone attacks. He was a furious anti-drone campaigner and for that public rally, he has organized sizeable protesters including foreign persons. That was the time Imran Khan took thousands of people to tribal areas when common Pakistanis were reluctant to visit it.

In Khar Kamar area of North Waziristan, 13 protesters died in a clash with security forces. Imran Khan is now glued lips, he presents an image of puppets. Similarly, on Mohmand incident, we haven’t heard anything from Imran Khan so far, to at least condemn the incident.

Rana Aftab, who was contesting elections on Pakistan Mulsim League-N (PML-N) ticket from Multan but he was allegedly harassed and threatened to return his ticket and contest as an independent candidate. Mian Nawaz Sharif in London condemned this incident and termed it an organized strategy to clear the way for Mr Imran Khan.  

Before coming into power, he said democracy will be flourishing, if he came into power but his run up and all-around talent ducked against few “star unorthodox players”, and so far in the first power play of limited five years tenure. During his sit-in, Imran Khan waited for the third umpire, Perhaps he received the support at last.

During his sit-in’s in D Chowk, Imran Khan burned his utility bills from the revolutionary stage and asked his workers for a countrywide civil disobedient. He accused the sitting government of corruption which never proved. Similarly, most of his election campaign slogans were based on words like corrupt mafia, Price hike, dollars rate, petroleum, gas, and electricity price hikes. However, the irony is the prices of all these items is reaching new heights.

I will break this begging bowl, Imran Khan used to say, ironically this bowl has become even much bigger now, thanks to Middle Eastern countries. However, unlike the previous governments, interest-based loans are now considered more pious. On all this, even the sincere party workers ask their leader, Imran Khan, as begging loans from IMF with strict agreements is the promised “Naya Pakistan”.

From the container, Imran Khan would become intellectual and would suggest investment in human development, rather then projects like Metro bus. However, contrary to the claims his own government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa initiated Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit project, that too with faulty planning and execution.

Despite promises and tall claims the handsome Prime Minister neither demolished the governor houses nor uses commercial flight for foreign visits. He is surrounded by people like Pervaiz Khattak, Murad Saeed, Ali Muhammad Khan, Fridous Ashiq Awan, ‘hero’ ShehryarAfridi along with many other ‘ill logical’ fellows, selection of this team itself is the indicator of his seriousness towards merit.

“Oh Pakistani nation, I won’t lie to you” and the PTI workers would cheer. The change was on the doorstep when President Zardari left elected for an elected representative. However, I am sure now selected will leave the scene for the same kind of person. Mr Imran Khan, you will be remembered in the history of Pakistan. “Cable College produces people like Imran Khan”, a professor told me during a visit to the Oxford. “I am sorry for the beautiful old college.”


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